Perhaps a shark tooth or shell found on the beach will become a favorite pendant.

This pendant and earring set was designed from a series of wooden sculptures by the client's father.  .

The sailfish pin above was made from a replica of a pin designed by my Dad in the early 1940's.  The pin was given to fisherman to promote the release of the sailfish.

Perhaps you have an old coin that would be fun to wear.​​  The picture below is the front and back of a coin found on the beach from a treasure boat.  

Custom Jewelry

Below are two pendants made as a result of vacation finds.  The left is a Petoskey stone from the shores of Lake Michigan and the right is a piece of lava from Iceland.

Sea glass and coral are favorite Florida choices for custom pendants and bracelets.   Some people find their own on the beach, and if not, I have plenty to choose from!!

I really enjoy making custom jewelry for my clients.  The challenge of creating jewelry that expresses someone's personality if fun!​  This page shows some of the custom pieces I have made.

​Jewelry By Whiticar