‚ÄčJewelry By Whiticar

PMC, Fine Silver, or .999

Fine silver is pure silver, listed as .999 silver.  The jewelry shown here starts as silver clay, which is commonly known as PMC.  Silver clay is around 88% silver (depending on the type of clay used) with the rest being filler and water.   The clay is shaped, molded, embellished, and dried before firing in a kiln. During the kiln firing, the filler and water burns out, leaving only the silver.  The overall piece shrinks approximately 12%.  The concept of silver clay started from a substance used by the space program for repairs made in outer space.  This created silver dust and the silver clay was developed as a result.  It is manufactured by two companies, both based in China.  It is a relatively new concept in jewelry making and is very versatile.  The jewelry can be embellished with silver designs, gems, fused glass, and enamel.