​Jewelry By Whiticar


The jewelry shown is a representative of the variety of designs which Laura Kay has made.  Some of the jewelry was custom made using a stone, piece of sea glass, coral found on vacation, or even constructed using the personality of the customer as a design focus.  Other pieces were made using materials Laura Kay gathered from shows, vacations, or other sources.  Some of them were made from rough rocks which she cut and polished and then incorporated into the finished design.

Wire wrapped jewelry is made from square, round, and half round wire.  This artist uses sterling silver, filled gold, and occasionally copper for her jewelry.  The other materials are semi-precious stones, sea glass, coral, shells, and fused glass. Different types of beads and crystals add color and interest to the jewelry.  One of the advantages of wire wrapping is the ability to use any shape of a stone, shell, or glass.  In addition, there is no kiln firing, so materials such as coral can be incorporated.  Soldering is also not used in the wire wrapped jewelry.

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